Monday, January 03, 2011

New Family Member: Cinnamon

Hello, 2011!

Been experiencing some serious lack of commitment in updating the blog. So now let's start the year with a post about a new friend that I've got from my trip to Bangkok last November.

May I introduce you all to Cinnamon, the quiet but warm-hearted bunny.

 My boyfriend adopted her from Vanilla (a tres chic restaurant and bakery in Thong Lor area). She reminded me of Mr. Bean's teddy bear -don't you think so too? Anyway, she's just adorable. Evan loves her too. Expect to see them both ogling over some cupcakes.

Meanwhile, I'll try my best to post some (uhm, many actually) pending posts about my bakeover sessions, restaurant reviews, and culinary trips to Hong Kong, China, Bangkok, and Singapore.

PS: Happy new year, All!


  1. yes, please, more restaurant reviews please. btw ini sebelah mana mukanya marg?

  2. lah itu yang ada kupingnya di atas sepasang? hahaha emank gak ada matanya sih jadi sulit yah =P



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