Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Macarons Dream

I'm curently wondering..

What Pierre Hermé's macarons taste like.

I'm never a macaron girl. I dislike meringues (which are basically made from the same main ingredients: egg whites and lots of sugar) and I've tasted macarons here from Bakerzin -and hated it because they were overly sweet, sticky, and yucky. But I've heard some people say that yes, the ones from Bakerzin are awful. You don't compare them with the real macarons such as the ones from Pierre Hermé or Ladurée.

Perhaps it's like comparing McDonald's beef burger to, say, Social House's wagyu burger (okay, that's probably a lame comparison -but you get the point).

All the hype and rave (and beautiful presentations) -as evident in Chubby Hubby and Kuidaore, to name a few -have made my curiosity turned slightly into an obsession. I've yet to discover whether I would fall head over heels in love with this supposedly melt-in-your-mouth confectionery, or just simply be overwhelmed with all the sugar rush and say yucky -again.

Prove me wrong and entice me, monsieur Hermé.

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  1. I have tasted my first macaroon a few weeks ago. A friend bought to share with me. He bought it from a famous shop in London. It cos £2.70 per piece!!!! I don't find it that particularly nice. Very sweet I hv to say. I hope to learn to make.

  2. Hi Mary, very sorry for the (super) late reply.

    Indeed, macarons are very sweet because they're made almost entirely from sugar. It also took me a while before I can appreciate them -prolly because the process in making them is more enticing, not to mention elaborate.

    So have you finally learned how to make them?



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