Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Long Weekend Bakeover: The Hummingbird Bakery's Matcha Cupcakes

Well, I've been too busy (and too lazy) lately that I've neglected this blog for quite a while. Things have been quite crazy at work and it's gonna get crazier over the next few months, up til November. But in between, I try to squeeze in as much time as possible to play around in the kitchen -as a way to stay sane. Meanwhile, lots of pictures of baking projects and culinary adventures are abandoned, waiting to be edited and posted. 

Over the past few months, I've done some baking collaboration with my good friend CL. It all started one lovely Friday at the end of May, with a visit to her apartment while another friend of ours was in town. Also a baking enthusiast, CL suggested that we tried a recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook that she just bought. With both of us being self-professed Japanese green tea (matcha) addicts, the recipe that caught our eyes first was, of course, the Matcha Cupcakes.

We studied the recipe and it was simple enough. In fact, it was too easy to be true that we weren't too sure the cakes would turn out good enough to eat. But the recipe prove us wrong. The cake turned out lovely albeit more chocolaty than matcha-ish because of the chocolate powder used. The texture was not too dense but very decadent.

The combination of chocolate powder, matcha powder, and little sugar (we reduced the amount of sugar used) made the cake a bit bitter for some people. But it's balanced up with the sugary and creamy matcha frosting.

The frosting was made of simple butter cream, with loads of Matcha powder (more than the amount required on the recipe). We went all out with the matcha because we wanted the taste to stand out more to balance the chocolaty cake.

I'm usually not too big on frosting, but this time I literally couldn't stop 'testing' the yummy (and sinful) grass-green colored cream.We ended up with some leftover which, sadly, didn't go down our throats. As much as we'd love to do so, we tried hard to stick to our diets. Everything in moderation.. Meh.

We slabbed the frosting on top of the cakes and the end result was a heavenly explosion of chocolate and matcha; both bitter, sweet, and rich at the same time. Oishii ne!

PS: I won't be disclosing the recipe here since I'm encouraging you to buy the book -believe me, it's worth it.

PPS: I'm sorry if some pictures in my blog are far from pretty or appetizing. I don't have a camera so I'm relying mostly on my Blackberry's camera. Hopefully, soon, I'll get my dream camera *fingers crossed*.


  1. Margieeee apa kabar? :D whoa i'm drooling while scrolling (it rhymes! Well, not really :p hahah) XD
    bikin toko kue Gie :D
    dah liat blog ini blm?

    thought you'd like it :)

  2. Hello =)

    Baik2x aja nih gue. Lo apa kabar? Makin ciamik deh ilustrasinya =) I love your blog.

    Toko kue masih jauh lah hahahah it's just a hobby so far ;)

    btw, mau gak kapan2x bikin ilustrasi buat majalah gue? ;P

  3. ahaha iya bikin Gie, laper parah liat blogmu hehehe
    wiii mau banget dongs! Just give me a call ;p
    btw Margie dimana sih sekarang? Masih bareng Varin?

  4. wow that green cupcake looks like green mud but somehow very appetizing!!

  5. OMG Margie...*drolling drolling drolling* slurp...*ngeces*



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