Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bits & Pieces About Me

Drink too much coffee. Chocoholic. Obsessed about my weight. Clueless. Indecisive. Perfectionist. Daydreamer. Writer wannabe. Seasonal poet. Amateur cook. Epicurean. Novice wine connoisseur. Hedonist. Party animal. Crazy about green color. Junk collector. Can never keep my place clean & organized. Pessimist. Optimist. Cynical bitch. Sarcastic ass-kicker. Blabber. Babbler. Reckless driver. Social butterfly. Traveler. Hopeless wanderer. Would bottle up the sound of the sea if only it's possible. Moody. Shop too much. Read a lot. Think too much. (A bit) insomniac. Can never stay put at home. Idler. Lazy. Loves watching sunset with a flute of Bellini in my hand. Never have enough shoes or clothes. Can't get enough accessories. Only turn on my TV to Discovery Travel & Living. Want a tattoo. Addicted to Huize Van Wely's dark chocolate gelato & Samarra's sangria. In pursuit of happiness or trying to just be content (I haven't made up my mind yet)..

Just a small girl with a restless mind, an ever wandering soul, and a big appetite. ;)


  1. Dear Margie, That description applied well to many of us. Like the title of your blog and hope to see many posts here.

  2. Kamuuu! Blognya dah jadi gak bilang2. Gue link ke tempat gue yah!

  3. @Pedatha: thanks! =)

    @V: huihihihi maap. soale emang blom 'resmi' sih, masih sepi dan brantakan ginih ;P silahkan di-link *senang* thanks yah!

  4. Ahh.. kangen baca tulisan2nya Margie lagi. will definitely be my reference around Jkt!



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